Eliminating The Body’s Need For Sugar

SlenderZone is the only food service which will eliminate the bodies need for sugar. SlenderZone service will actually change the body chemistry so that sugar becomes distasteful and unwanted. SlenderZone is a nutritionally balanced food plan, which gives the body all the necessary food categories; thereby helping the body past the craving stages and ultimately offering a PERMANENT solution for easily avoiding sugars. People and studies tell us that sweets and starches actually taste too sweet to eat. All of the menu plans have been created by Chef Sharon, who is also a certified nutritionist. Chef Sharon supervises 5 very imaginative specialty chefs who clearly love their work.

Of particular note are the desserts which Chef Sharon has created, totally WITHOUT sugar. These are included in the daily menu plan as a fun way for people to have their cake and eat it too! WITHOUT SUGAR! Often clients call to exclaim how much they enjoy the desserts which are helping people kick the sugar habit.
The sugar cravings leave usually within the first 3 to 4 days and by the end of a 30 day cycle on SlenderZone, all cravings are permanently gone. People can go to a buffet in 30 days and automatically make the right food choices. They simply won’t WANT the foods which got them into trouble before. People will find that sweet items are overly sweet, and starches are simply unwanted.

Living without sugar in the body, will help people lower cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and will even out blood sugar. This allows people to safely and quickly lose the unwanted weight and keep it off PERMANENTLY. Keeping blood sugar under control also keeps people from feeling hungry. People report they have more energy, can think more clearly and they no longer have indigestion or feel bloated and uncomfortable.

The SlenderZone process has proven highly effective to help people with diabetes. In many cases patients on the SlenderZone plan have shown remarkable improvement, and some have even reversed their disease!

Chef Sharon has often worked directly with Doctor’s and their patients so that the “team” is able to adjust insulin on an individual basis. Often the patient notices a reduction of their blood sugars within the first 2-3 days of “treatment” of the SlenderZone fresh foods plan. Therefore the patient may immediately being to adjust their dosage!

This of course, is great validation of the SlenderZone food process, which addresses both issues of weight reduction and health benefits for all persons wishing to change their body chemistry and lifestyle PERMANENTLY. SlenderZone’s Dessert chef, Chef Caro, uses Xylitol, Maltitol, Splenda, Erythritol, and Stevia to replace sugars in the desserts. Other fat-free natural products are ingredients also. Chef Caro makes SlenderZone clients happy with great varieties of desserts ranging from cookies, cakes, candy apples and much more!